Smart Meter Solution

Smart Meter Solution - iSMAC™

A Comprehensive Smart Meter Data Analytics Center for Meter operation and Analytics.

iSMAC™ offers comprehensive capabilities starting from smart meter deployment, integration with Smart meter, AMI, MDM system, and analytics with pre-built visualization for performance matrices. iSMAC™ Helps Utilities, C&I Customers and Consumers by leverage smart meter data to perform various analytics such as consumption, saving patterns, optimization etc.

We invite DISCOMs and OEM vendors to leverage our end-end platform for Smart Meter implementation to bring the most value to the organization.

Major solution components

Smart Meter Analytics Platform

Scalable BigData Platform

MDMS & SAP Integration

Missing Data Reconciliation

Energy Demand Forecasting

Power Quality Analysis


Energy Consumption Pattern

Customer Analytics (C&I & Retail)

Billing & Revenue Analytics

Distribution Network Analytics

Reliability Indices Calculation

iSMAC™ - Real Time Monitoring

iSMAC™ - Analytics Models