Platform Service

Build the best class technology capability in-house by leveraging our ever evolving end-to-end opensource platform.

We take care the Security and Support aspect of the platform to give you the best value out of the “Open source” technologies.


Evolving Platform Components

  • Integration
  • Data Platform
  • Analytics Engine
  • Business Rule Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • NoSQL Database
  • Big Data Platform
  • Real Time Analytics
  • UI / Dashboard
  • SoP Notification Management
  • Cyber Security

Data Service

Good Data is backbone of analytics. Be it “Big Data” or “Small Data”, our endeavor is to provide a complete data service to our clients though not limited to:

  • Industry Data Model Implementation
  • Big Data / Data Lake / Industry DWH Implementation
  • IoT Data Collection framework
  • Data Analytics Data Discovery
  • Data Management (Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Governance & Data Security)

Analytics Service

Though every client wants to ride the Analytics & AI wave, the success of implementation depends upon choosing right Use Case, right technology platform, right algorithm and more importantly the industry implementation exposure. iPredict’s leadership has combined 100+ years of Analytics implementation experience in E&U industry globally. It supports data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, big data analytics and artificial intelligence for its customers. iPredict believes there is a little scope for Artificial Intelligence everywhere be it data analytics or complex operational process.

  Use Cases Implemented / Work-In-Progress

Asset Sentinels

  • Pre-empt outages through pre-alert and preventive fixes
  • Improve “Reaction Time” of Operation/Support on failure


  • Saving energy cost of business by leveraging work shifts, maximum       demand, power factor, ambient conditioning factors
  • Planning human resources under constraints to maximize KPI (safety,       compliance, revenue)
  • Detect energy losses dues to transmission losses and theft

Forecasting Engine

  • Forecast power generation at Solar power plant and Wind Farms
  • Forecast feeder-wise load for DISCOMs to manage overload and outage
  • Billing forecast for business based on production plan and seasonal       conditions


  • Interpolation of missing interval samples from Smart Meters. Required       for compliance, calculating consumption, penalties and billing
  • Harmonizing data granularity and missing value imputation for       down-stream analytics

Prediction Engine

  • Predict Wind turbine failure event based on make, model, configuration,       fault & defect, work order & sensor data
  • Predict / diagnose health of Power Transformers based on Dissolved       Gas Analysis and condition monitoring data
  • Customer segmentation, payment default and revenue loss        predictions for DISCOM

Digital Twin Service

With combined experience of more than 100 years, iPredict helps organization to drive Digital Transformation in a RoI driven way. From “Consultation” to “Digital Twin”, iPredict supports customer at each phase of the journey.